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Someone help me out here. Did I miss something or am I just stupid?

On the wiki page Retrieving A Large Number Of Records From ServiceNow it says

ServiceNow has imposed a hard-limit of 250 records that can be retrieved at any time in a single query.

The wiki page was created in July 2009.  The “Winter 2009 Stable 2” Release Notes mention the following new “feature”

  • Limit SOAP to 250 records

ServiceNow seemed to be pretty serious about the 250 record limitation. However, in September 2012 a new property — glide.remote_glide_record.max_count — appeared on the Available System Properties wiki page with notes about controlling the “records returned when using a Perl API gliderecord query.” On the Direct Web Services wiki page there is an example of Perl code using windowing, with the following comment:

Using a windowed query mechanisms overcomes the default limitation of only getting a maximum of 250 records per query.

“Default” implies that the limitation can be overridden. I assumed that the purpose of the system property was to override the default.

This is, in fact, the behavior or the property. It raises the “hard-limit”. If you set the property, it will increase the number of records returned by the getRecords SOAP method. It is not Perl specific. It works for any language. I assumed that setting the property was the only way to get more than 250 record in a single SOAP call. There is a __limit extended query parameter documented; but I assumed that this parameter was for retrieving fewer records, and that it did not allow you to bypass the “hard-limit”.

Not so!

The “hard-limit” is not a hard-limit at all! It is a soft-limit. It turns out that there is an easy way to get more than 250 records, and it does not require changing a system property. All you need to do is ask! By simply passing in the __limit parameter, you can override the “hard-limit”.

To test this theory, I modified the Visual Basic example from my previous post. This code now returns a list of all the users in single Web Services call.

Dim objGetUsers : Set objGetUsers = New ServiceNowDirectWS
objGetUsers.SetMethod "sys_user", "getRecords"
objGetUsers.SetValue "__limit", "2000"
If objGetUsers.Post Then
  Dim nRows : nRows = objGetUsers.GetRowCount
  Dim i : For i = 1 To nRows
    WScript.Echo i & ": " & objGetUsers.GetRowValue(i, "user_name") & _
      ": " & objGetUsers.GetRowValue(i, "name")
  WScript.Echo "Error: " & objGetUsers.Status
  WScript.Echo objGetUsers.StatusText
End If

Obviously we do not want to get carried away. It is fine to bump up the limit if you are trying to retrieve a list of your 1500 users. To retrieve your list of 150,000 servers, you are still strongly advised to use windowing.

The thing I am still trying to figure out is: Has it always worked this way? Was the hard-limit really a hard-limit in the beginning, and then it was reduced to a soft-limit? Or was it always a soft-limit, and the wiki page simply written to discourage developers from bypassing the limit. Please leave a comment if you know the answer.


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